PIJ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd, which is a wholly owned entity of Perbadanan Islam Johor.

Established in 29th October 1994, the company was formerly known as Perisind Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

Perisind Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was corporatized in 1995 with paid up capital worth of RM10million.

On 10th August 2009, Perisind Manufacturing Sdn Bhd later changed its name to PIJ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

Founded as the “manufacturing arm” of PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd, it is entrusted to spearhead and manage business activities based on fabrication and manufacturing from small to large scale industries.

The company latest business venture is pioneering Aloe Vera extract production, thus far became the 1st Aloe Vera extract producer in Malaysia.

PIJ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd manages its own farm, factory and sales office based in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Being the pioneer and the market leader, PIJ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has the advantage of controlling the entire supply chain from planting to harvesting, extraction and processing the extract and subsequently the commodity distribution.

Other than supplying Aloe Vera Raw material, PIJ Manufacturing also offers private label solutions for manufacturers seeking to create premium Aloe Vera based products. 

Our commitment is to turn our client's concept into a shelf life ready product. We specialise in products made only from the highest quality ingredients, creatively packaged and totally customized to your requirements.

PIJ Manufacturing Sdn Bhd guarantees production of the finest quality, attractive pricing and reliable services to all our business clientele.

Our Aloe Vera Farm at A Glance

Location : Bio Desaru , The Organic Food Valley of Johor
Size : 100 acres
Species : Aloe Vera, Barbadensis Miller